Compressors and pumps

e+a motors are ideal for use in direct drive turbo compressors.

Gear motors have been successfully replaced with modern e+a direct drives in numerous projects.

The result is a low-maintenance drive. e+a develops and delivers motors for use in special environments. Adapting motors for use with natural gas (liquid or gaseous), coolants, CO2 as well as under high air pressure is part of our daily business.

Depending on the application, we are able to select an optimal solution from numerous existing motor designs (synchronous or asynchronous) or develop an ideal solution, if necessary.

Examples of compressor and pump drives made from e+a motor elements:

  • Coolant compressors with outputs in excess of 800 kW (low voltage range)
  • Turbo fans with outputs in excess of 200 kW at 21,000 rpm
  • Vacuum pump drives with 35 kW at 66,000 rpm (canned motor design)