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e+a is your project partner from the construction of the prototype to series production. Both a thorough knowledge of materials and the know-how of calculating electric rotating machines are decisive factors.

RPS rotor positioning measuring device

The rotor position measuring device ensures that the same commutation angle is always produced with spindles of the same type of construction type during the installation of the e+a synchronous rotor.

This dispenses with the need for individual programming of the commutation angle at the frequency inverter. When a spindle is replaced the drive can be monitored at all times and is therefore protected from being damaged beyond repair.

The motor must be mechanically driven in order to carry out a measurement. The measured values are easily read out using the RS232 interface and a measurement reporting software.

Measured values

Speed, voltage constant, voltage (phase-phase), mechanical angle, electrical angle, number of poles, number of sensor teeth

Cable connections

Motor phase U, V, W; sensor: 5 VDC, 1 VSS, A/B/R; serial interface RS232


Sensor cable, case

Downloads RPS