ASMpro with copper profile

High-torque asynchronous machine as an alternative to PM synchronous machines.

Without any magnets

The e+a-series of asynchronous motor elements with copper profile rotors combines the advantages of PM synchronous machines with those of asynchronous machines. Unlike in PM synchronous machines, these machines do not use any magnets They have a temperature resistant rotor, require no voltage protection module, are simple to start up and control and have a broad speed range, even without speed sensor.

Motor elements from the ASMpro series are particularly suitable for applications requiring high torque and a broad speed range.

ASMpro series:

  • Stators with ALKA™-type construction
  • Steel reinforced end rings for high maximum speeds
  • High density torque
  • Very robust design, non-sensitive to PWM losses
  • Large rotor bore
  • Sensorless closed-loop operation feasible
  • Simple handling during processing, installation and operation
  • Tried and tested technology, suited to today's needs

    Special design with copper rotors

    e+a offers its own series of high-pole asynchronous machines with special copper rotors for applications requiring high torque and a wide speed range. These motors are used in the machining of titanium for example. They are characterised by high torques at low speeds for a simultaneously large field weakening range. In comparison to permanent magnet synchronous machines, these motors can accept a higher thermal load and are second to none in utilising torque. In contrast to most applications with synchronous motors a voltage protection module is not required.

    High-pole design examples:


    1,000 Nm and 10,000 rpm:

    Type mW30/35-8 pole on the inverter common to the industry


    3,000 Nm and 6,500 rpm:

    Type mW42/50-12 pole on the inverter common to the industry