With permanent magnet and CFRP sleeve (tapered sleeve system)

Because of their large rotor bore and low weight, e+a permanent magnet rotors with carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) sleeve provide a very rigid drive train made up of shaft and rotor. With the tapered sleeve system, the rotor element is supplied as a complete system and is attached to the customer-supplied shaft by a simple fitting procedure. e+a uses a special composite consisting of resin and carbon fibres developed specifically for high temperature strain loads. The maximum permissible temperature can be adjusted on request to meet customer specifications. e+a developed its own procedure for the construction of the CFRP sleeves to allow maximum flexibility in the design of the sleeve. As a result, rotor elements with exceptionally high power densities and circumferential speeds can be manufactured.

This rotor system also lends itself especially well to situations where magnets are not to be attached directly to the shaft for logistical reasons. This may be the case if customers do not wish to ship shafts and fit magnets by themselves to the shaft at the same time.

The thermal resistance of the CFRP wrap is suitable for normal spindle drive applications. Special instructions must be followed when handling rotors.

Advantages of synchronous motor elements

Synchronous motor elements with permanent magnet rotors are a powerful drive for your spindle. They can achieve extremely high torques and maximum speeds (up to 250,000 rpm). These products are characterised by large rotor bores with low rotor temperatures, maximum power densities and extremely short starting times. The rotors can be installed quickly without having to thermally treat the rotor or shaft beforehand.

e+a synchronous motor elements can be operated at all standard converter systems that are suitable for the operation of PM motors. e+a offers advice on the individual design of the overall drive system in order to achieve optimum operating characteristics. PM rotors can be removed and reused.